Halloween Rock Night! Feat AJ Dee, Ronnie Dee, Anthill Cinema, Perception
Presented by The Attic at Rock Brothers

The Indigo Project

Ages 21+
AJ Dee and The Indigo Project

Tickets: $10

7:00 pm: GA Doors

7:30:pm Perception

8:00pm: AJ Dee and The Indigo Project

9:00pm: Ronnie Dee and The Superstars

10:00pm: Anthill Cinema

AJ Dee and The Indigo Project

The Indigo Project by AJ Dee is a 4 piece band from Tampa, Florida. They play a unique style of flashy, heavy rock music, laced with powerful, pop melodies and songwriting.

Ronnie Dee and The Super Stars

Ronnie Dee, Sister Jamie Lee, Son A.J. Dee, Andrew Beer, Justino Lee Walker, LeMonJello, and LeRoy Myers, with a varied cast of other amazing musicians! #ThankYouMusic

http://www.ronniedeeandthesuperstars.com http://www.facebook.com/thesuperstars23 http://www.instagram.com/ronniedeeandthesuperstars https://open.spotify.com/artist/6VpcMjiQW4YBqyXJbAAGvP?si=gL3VoroDTh628IAMXk53cw

Venue Information:
The Attic at Rock Brothers Brewing
1510 E 8th Ave
Tampa, FL, 33605